New Developments


Readying the Land for Construction

When a development company is ready to begin construction on an empty piece of land, ecologists are often their first consultants. Many wildlife areas are inhabited by species on endangered lists, and it includes both animals and plants. Ecologists are the specialists who can point out what needs to be removed carefully to preserve enough wild habitat for them, or they can help the company move the species to a more manageable area.

Clearing the land for new development used to be a job solely for bulldozers, but modern developers have seen that it pays them to plan carefully. Mature trees are now expected to be part of a new project, but they can be expensive if they have to be bought and installed. Leaving mature trees in place has become the easier way to cut costs while preserving nature, so planning parking areas and walks around them has become the cost-effective way to begin clearing land.

There are few things more beautiful than a brook or pond that goes through a piece of property, but completely clearing the land can make any water feature unviable, so builders have learned to consult specialists on how best to clear around them. They will leave enough grass, bushes and trees to keep the water clear as they work. If plants must be replaced, they have learned to do it step-by-step to avoid issues in the future.

There are many effective modern ways to clear land, and developers are a group that now uses modern planning methods to cut their costs. Rather than wholesale destruction, they have learned it makes fiscal sense to keep the most mature trees, and they have also learned how to retain water features that will enhance their final project. Consulting with ecologists is now part of their planning before they begin clearing, and it has become a way for them to preserve nature while saving their budget.