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Moving Historical Buildings


Land for sale is not always perfect for easy construction, and parcels containing buildings of antiquity can cause issues. Some of them may have to be demolished to allow for new construction, but moving historical buildings has been a good practice for centuries. While it has not always been used to preserve a particular structure, building movers have been in the business for many years. They can move almost any building, although some do have to be moved a piece at a time.

Older homes have less connection to the ground upon which they sit, and they are often the easiest ones to move. Most specialists in building relocation can safely place beams under the building and lift it off the foundation. They can then attach axles and wheels to the building, hitch it to a towing vehicle, and they can relocate it in a timely fashion. It can be an expensive proposition for the largest buildings, but it is one way to save those with historical value.

A large building made of heavy materials may be too much for any modern vehicle to tow, but demolition is not always necessary. Old castles have been moved by taking them apart after marking each stone. The individual stones are then transported to the new location, and building experts are then tasked with putting each one in the correct location. It is a process that can take months or years to complete, but the entire building can be relocated with little or no harm.

Moving buildings has been done historically for many years, but it went out of fashion as modern building techniques allowed for fast construction. Many historical societies began requesting building moves as developers claimed more land, and there are some areas where moving older structures is a good way to purchase them without heavy building costs. Today it has become popular for both reasons.