New Developments


Demolishing Historical Buildings

While preservation is always seen as the best way to save historical buildings, some of them are far beyond repair. Developers often find the only way to begin new construction is to completely demolish whatever is standing in their way. It is often a cost cutting measure, but completely clearing a building with historical significance can usually be done only if it is shown to be unfit for restoration. There are many steps before the actual demolition takes place.

Gutting any building is usually a large part of what occurs before the actual demolition takes place, and modern developers have found it is a worthwhile project. Older buildings have decorative features that can be taken out and resold at a profit, and it helps them cut the costs of building. They often hire experts to go through the building before their project plans are finalized, and they then have an idea of how long it will take to clear out the salvageable items.

Experts in historical buildings are always interested in features that are no longer being made, and decorative fireplace mantles are part of what they seek. These items can be removed as a whole, and their resale value is enormous. Light fixtures are another valuable item that have become a collector’s item, so removing them is another part of the work that is done before demolition.

Whether a building is historical or just a fixture in the local area, there are usually pieces that can be removed and sold locally. Bricks from sidewalks, fireplaces and outside walls have become a popular group of items to remove and sell on the market. They are often sold as a keepsake to locals who are interested in preserving their history, and they can also be used to create new historical sidewalks with historical meaning in the area.