New Developments

Leveling the Field


Many developments begin on land that needs to be cleared, but it must also be level enough for the construction crews to do their work. After the trees have been taken away, heavy equipment for leveling the ground is often brought in. These pieces are run by experienced operators, and their job is to ensure that there are no steep grades that will inhibit the construction of roads, homes or other structures.

It takes a great deal of knowledge to properly operate heavy equipment, and knowing how much to take off a grade is one of the most basic pieces of information the operator will need to know. Construction companies do not have unlimited funds, so it is best if the leveling work can be done without constantly stopping to take gradient measurements. An experienced operator is able to make their own judgments on how deep to go when taking down the side of a hill, and they will be able to make the work move along at a reasonable pace.

Leveling the field for road construction is generally the first order of business for heavy machinery, but developers also need to ensure they will have good construction sites for building homes and other structures. If a central building for amenities is included in the plans, that area will need to be level before construction begins. Home lots might be less leveled to add interest to the sites, but many people now want land where their children can play in the yard. Taking this into consideration means spending more time with grading machines on the site, but the cost will be recouped when the lots are sold.

Using heavy equipment to make the land ready for construction is a major step, but it is one that developers have often used to get the underlying landscape they need for a great project.